NHFDC Swavlamban Kendra (NSK)- Micro Skill Training Centers and more

NSK – Micro skill training center is an initiative of NHFDC which offers assured income opportunities for the owner.  NSKs   are uniformly designed and fully accessible container based structure with quality support facilities, portable with potential of awareness generation on its side walls. NSK design and specifications.

An NSK is established at a capital cost of around Rs. 12 lakhs (approx) by PwD entrepreneurs with the help of almost 100% financing from NHFDC. NSK caters to the skill training of PwDs as well as other target groups (SCs, OBCs).

During the infancy period of the project, NHFDC Foundation plays a vital role in facilitating logistic & other supports to the NSK owner. In the process, the NSK owner is trained to shoulder the skill training operations in a professional manner. There is huge potential for NSK owner to earn upto  Rs 15,000/- per month after taking care of EMIs and other expenses. The income is likely to increase depending on the effectiveness with which the NSK is utilized by harnessing other business opportunities suggested by NHFDC Foundation.

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